Our Team

We are a highly technical, multi-disciplinary team that values solid leadership, communication, and reliable resources to deliver cost-effective engineering solutions.

Bryce Hirschfeld


Bryce Graduated from CSU with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and has worked in the medical, security and consumer industries. He’s been pivotal in startups bringing revolutionary products to new markets. A true self starter, he has driven the company to embody the vision it needs for success. Through the development of advanced technologies, he intends to give engineers the tools they need to truly make any vision possible.

Justin Hollenbeck

Director of Engineering

Justin has a strong background in the medical industry, contributing several pivotal works to the biomedical literature. He has extensive experience in additive manufacturing techniques, prototyping and manufacturing several orthopaedic medical devices. Launching and selling two companies, Justin does not shy away from a challenge and strives to find in them opportunities to learn and push the horizons of technological potential. His enthusiasm and ability to work alongside innovators and technicians alike enable him to lead technical teams to follow through on novel ideas.

Greg Vialle

New Tech Advisor

Greg is a master engineer with experience spanning multiple disciplines. He is a veteran mechanical engineer, material researcher, hardware hacker, and inventor specializing in the intersection of aerospace and additive manufacturing. Greg is also a veteran in the traditional sense, having served in both Afghanistan and Iraq. He holds a BS in mechanical engineering from Rose-Hulman Inst. of Tech, as well as a MS in materials science and engineering from Georgia Tech.

Teddy Alshaer

Marketing Director

Teddy holds an ad agency background with a diverse set of industries and carries 10 years of experience involving high-profile clients and projects. His work has produced societal change, making him an effective communicator. His ability to take risks and his unabashed character make him a relentless marketing professional who looks at opportunities in all areas including pharma, medical, information, technology, and law. His interests in engineering stem from his family history being engineers for over three generations as well as having innovative ideas for marketing products and concepts.