Nihilo brings a unique skill set and philosophy to bear in getting ideas off the napkin and into physical parts. Some of our capabilities are listed below.

Engineer Advisory Consulting

We realize not every innovator has the time or engineering experience to know the best way to get a physical product built, and not every idea should take the same path. Nihilo has a quarter century of experience in product development across several industries and engineering disciplines. Our consultation services can include the following:
* Materials selection
* Manufacturing method
* Project Management
* Cost analysis
* Mechanical analyses (FEA, thermal, CFD)
* Design trade studies
* Simulations / Computer models
* Failure analysis
* Prototyping
* Production part sourcing
* Industry specific requirements

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Engineering Design

Nihilo strives to help bring ideas to fruition in whatever way is best for our clients.
We specialize in mechanical part design, but have experience with electronics as well (including robotics, electronic control systems, and instrumentation). Nihilo has a wealth of experience in traditional Design for Manufacturing methods (machined parts, plastic injection molding, cast metals, etc, as well as fixture design.
Currently, the best way for prototyping and low volume manufacturing is frequently Additive Manufacturing, if the parts are designed appropriately for the manufacturing technology. Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM) is where Nihilo shines.

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We have a proven process for doing this following Agile hybrid development practices. Agile is a innovating method originally used in software development, but when integrated with modeling and our in-house additive manufacturing technology, can be applied to hardware development to shorten the development cycle and create incremental value earlier.

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