Nihilo lives to cultivate ideas into reality starting with the best physical design. Our expertise, combined with the latest technologies, make us a valuable asset for these cases and beyond:

  • Inventor trying to get a viable design ready for prototyping their MVP
  • Startup ventures trying to meet deadlines on crowdsourced product development
  • Small engineering or manufacturing business that can’t quite justify budget for more needed full-time engineer hires -or just can’t find them in today’s employment market – or just want to limit risk

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Printing Materials

If you’ve already got a digital design in hand, we can make it. Nihilo is a superb resource for your business if:

  • You are conducting Agile hardware development and iterating through prototypes
  • Need quick turn quality parts in low volumes
  • Need a fixture ASAP

If you still need that CAD file, check out our engineering services! To learn more about Nihilo’s part capabilities, click below.