Month: August 2020


Environmental Sustainability in Manufacturing

By: Justin Hollenbeck Impact of Traditional ManufacturingFor decades, traditional manufacturing (TM) methods have grown towards higher production rates, higher precision capabilities, and abilities to produce parts of greater geometric complexity and wider material selection. Despite these improvements, the environmental sustainability burden of TM has been exacerbated. Two predominant categories of monolithic TM exist: subtractive manufacturing …

Generative Slicing Design

Generative Slicing: The Future of Additive Manufacturing?

By: Greg Vialle The design-manufacture paradigm is undergoing a change. For most of my 25-year engineering career, there has been a pretty clear line between engineering design and manufacturing. That is not to say that the best engineers don’t know a thing or two about machining (and other manufacturing methods) and that the best CNC …

3D Printed Dog Customer hands

Additive manufacturing in every consumer household

By: Bryce HirschfeldAug. 13, 2020 The late Harvard business academic, Clayton Christensen, insisted that all technology companies follow similar patterns. When measured correctly and often, data from tech companies of the past can be dissected and analyzed to reveal patterns, stories, setbacks, and breakthroughs that can inform young industries of what is to come. The …